When the story really started taking shape, I knew wanted to write about a new kind of presidential candidate. One that doesn’t come from old money, or new, for that matter. Remi doesn’t have an Ivy League education or any political connections. In fact, she is simply high school teacher. But don’t be deceived. Remi is also sharp, intuitive, and smart enough to know that one person alone doesn’t have all the answers. Great leaders always surround them selves with extraordinary people.

What our heroine does have is a passion for the democratic process, the hope of a better America, and a very unconventional campaign team. This is where my personal work with at risk teenagers came into play. I learned that despite their obvious socioeconomic disadvantages and lack of family structure and support, many were exceptionally bright and capable.  Thus was born my candidate’s campaign team.

The purpose of this book was not to make a statement or send a political message. I want the reader to draw their own conclusions and consider the ideas of unity, collaboration, and balance in government. While no politician should be forced to compromise values or beliefs, Remi and her team is about making concession in policy and legislation.

I wanted have a little fun with the idea of an unlikely candidate who has no desire to be president and finds the very idea ludicrous. Yet, the result is an amusing story that is both timely and socially relevant, and just might make you stop and think, what if?