Vote for Remi, originally titled Politically Incorrect, has been with me for some time, long before I actually put my fingers to the keyboard and brought life to the story and its characters. Like many works of fiction, this book was inspired by real life experiences. In this case, three significant political and personal events were simultaneously at play, which finally collided and became the heart and soul of the project: The rising trend of negative political campaigning, the changing role of women in politics, and my personal work with at-risk teenagers.

In the past decade, negative campaigning began to dominate the election scene, much to the distaste of myself and many voters. It seemed to me that everyone I came into contact with had something to say about Washington politics, and let me assure you –no one was pleased. Not only were people feeling pressured into voting for the “lesser of two evils,” they felt they were drowning in propaganda. Between the negative campaign ads and media spin, the truth became subjective. People were fed up and quite frankly, still are.

Then something extraordinary happened in 2008; two women emerged on the political scene, evidence that the country was making progress in how they viewed women in politics. But was it progress, or simply smoke and mirrors?  Sarah Palin, despite her flaws and foibles, was mercilessly crucified by the media and the entertainment industry. Hilary Clinton also was attacked, slandered, and ultimately compelled to hand over the Democratic nomination for president to Barack Obama, even though she held a slight lead in the popular vote during the 2008 primaries. These facts lead to questions; has a male candidate ever been attacked because he was a man?  Would a woman be a poor president by virtue of gender alone?  Or is America is simply not ready for one?