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Coming Spring 2015

Washington D.C turned upside down, but not by the usual suspects; would-be terrorists, a major government shut down, or another fiscal train wreck hurling the country toward economic collapse.  Instead, by a classroom of underachieving teenagers with nothing more on their minds than who posted what on Facebook (O.M.G!), their latest tattoo and/or facial piercing, and whether or not this black looks good with that black.

It never would have happened if their annoyingly passionate U.S. Government teacher, Remi Covington, didn’t poke, prod, and provoke them into giving a damn about politics, much less about politicians. Really, who believes all that idealistic crap she pours down their throats about the government, political courage, and the process anyway? Someone had to show her that she was wrong –that politicians are inherently corrupt, that the government doesn’t care about people like them, and their vote doesn’t really count, should they ever decide to cast it. What else could this class of slackers and hackers do, but strike back. How did they do it? By the method most favored by teenagers –they executed what might be considered the greatest practical joke of all time, or was it something else entirely?

Using the only available tools at their disposal, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, they announce their teacher’s intentions to run for President of the United States. Yes, for President, and completely without her knowledge or consent. Shocking even them, the news goes viral, and no one is prepared for what follows. Fortunately for Remi Covington, she has a few tricks up her sleeve as well. Too bad they backfire and she finds herself on the ballot, vying for the highest office in the land, with nothing but a closet full of skeletons and her renegade classroom of misfits to lead the way.

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